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The Wannaskan Almanac for August 13, 2019 Special Dual Citizen Edition

Like many border residents, I am a dual citizen.  I was born in Minnesota, raised in Ontario, and now live in the merry old land of Oz.  With that in mind, I will attempt a parody today.

Born in the U.S, eh!

By Spruce Bringsteen

Born down in a U.S. town
The first breath I took was South of my hometown
I spent a day or two in the town of Baudette
Then they took me home in a bassinet.

Born in the U.S, eh, I was born in the U.S, eh.
I was born in the U.S, eh, born in the U.S, eh

Crossed the border to go back to my homeland
"Anything to declare" was their demand
Mom said "Nothing but this little man"
The duty ended up being $19.99

Born in the U.S, eh

Got cross the river finally
No more stars and stripes did I see
Looked more like a big red piece of wheat
And money that looks like monopoly.

I had a sister born in Canada
Growin' up we'd fight like Viet Cong
She moved south, seems all wrong.
She had a man she loved in Virginia
I can't picture her in his arms now.

Grew up eating coffee crisps and nanaimo bars
Took 80 liters to fill our cars
Then I crossed the border to the U.S.A.
Still not sure who to cheer for in Olympic hockey.

Born in the, I was born in the
Born in the, my dad has been long gone in Canada
Born in the, born in the
Born in the, I'm a Canadian dually in the


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