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Word-Wednesday for February 8, 2023

And here is the Wannaskan Almanac with Word-Wednesday for February 8, 2023, the sixth Wednesday of the year, the eighth Wednesday of winter, and the 39th day of the year, with 326 days remaining.   Wannaska Phenology Update for February 8, 2023 Da Bar Wannaska becomes famous for its winter wildlife, and as usual, the DNR takes the heat. February 8 Fickle Pickle Wednesday Menu Special : Potato Dumpling February 8 Nordhem Wednesday Lunch : Updated daily by 11:00am, usually. Earth/Moon Almanac for February 8 2023 Sunrise: 7:44am; Sunset: 5:32pm; 3 minutes, 14 seconds more daylight today Moonrise: 8:43pm; Moonset: 9:13am, waning gibbous, 93% illuminated. Temperature Almanac for February 8, 2023                 Average            Record              Today High             16                     45                     33 Low              -8                   -55                     24 February 8 Celebrations from National Day Calendar National Iowa Day National Kite Flying Day National Bo
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Wannaskan Almanac for Tuesday, February 7, 2023...Single Love

Ah, it is February.  Already the Vikings have been the Vikings and the Cowboys have been the Cowboys and the Heimlich maneuver has already been applied to both teams.  "At least there is always next year," claim their fans, as the obstruction moves ever closer to their team's throat again.  Sorry...not sorry!   America's Heimlich team! But I am not here today to write about these two teams of lovable losers.  Since we are a week before Valentine's Day I thought I would dedicate a column to those who aren't in love during this Hallmark season.  There are those who are happy and single, not wanting to mingle.  Today is your day! I have known several people who have managed to stay single their whole lives.  Some have done so for religious reasons.  Three of the most helpful and devout Christians I have ever known were ladies who chose to not marry.  You could not question their sincerity in serving God and their church.  They helped the poor, cared for the young

6 Feb 2023 – Theme: Time and Carpe Diem Other Poets

And Now for Something Completely Different . . . John Cleese announced in “Monty Python’s Flying Circus!” The new and different is a new theme: “Time – Carpe Diem.” But first, a quick look back. Yep! In last week’s post we noted that something different was coming. Specifically, last week announced the end of the series titled “Winter: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Two of our favorite readers both misinterpreted the announcement and berated me for incorrectly saying that Winter was over. They went on to give details of their ongoing Winter chores, critters visiting yards, and stories of weather-related incidents. Anyway, the Winter theme is now complete, finished, kaput. That would be the series, not the season. Thanks to all readers who commented on the Winter posts. Now for the completely different something: the next theme – TIME, also known as Carpe Diem! This week we begin with published poems on the subject by several poets – some famous, some infamous, and some unknow

Sunday Squibs

  Justin Trudeau could have saved us a lot of grief by shooting the damn thing down over Canada.  <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> The balloon is a mere diversion. It’s TikTok that’s killing us.  <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> The astronomers get us out of bed to see some wonder of the night sky by telling us it won’t be back for hundreds of years. But six months from now there’ll be some other unmissable event that must be seen at 3:00 am.  <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Some people would like to know the hour of their death. The rest of us say surprise me.  <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><&g

Another Antonin Story: Antonin Gets His Long Cast Off

Hello and welcome to an above-zero Saturday here at the Wannaskan Almanac. Today is February 4th. Today we're going to tell the story of me getting my long cast off and getting a short cast.  I was counting down the weeks, then I was counting down the days, then I was counting down the hours until I would get my short cast. I tried to get my long cast off before my appointment for my short cast. I was yanking on it, I was pulling on it. My mom told me it would get worse if I did that. And then my leg got sore. My mom put a cloth handkerchief under my long cast and it helped. So, we went to Bemidji last Sunday and we stayed in a hotel. It was okay. I watched TV, I had breakfast, and I slept. I liked it. The next day we went to the orthopedist. First, they cut off the cast using a little cutter thingy. It wasn't that sharp. It looked sharp, but it wasn't. They let me touch it. It felt a little raggedy, but it didn't hurt. When they were cutting off the cast, it felt tickl

Benjamin Lincoln

  A military career can lead to glory or to shame. The soldier may be thanked for his service back in his home town or he might find an early grave on a forgotten battlefield.    Benjamin Lincoln (no relation to Abraham) began his career as constable in the town of Hingham south of Boston in 1753.  He served in the local militia during the French and Indian War (1754-1763).  He saw no action during the war but was promoted to major for his service.     Lincoln got involved in politics and supported the Patriot cause against British interference in Massachusetts Bay Colony. He was also promoted to lieutenant colonel in the militia. When war broke out in 1775, he got busy supplying the new Continental Army. The next year he was promoted to major general.    After the British army left Boston, Lincoln led a brigade of militia south to New York, but by the time he arrived, Washington was already in retreat. He caught up with Washington in time for the battle of White Plains north of New Yo

2. februar 2023 Epic

Curve Man School: A Real Education            Ula had asked Sven to go to Greenbush with him last week seeing as he knew Sven would appreciate a short road trip to a faraway burg unfamiliar to his daily self, not that Sven was unfamiliar to Greenbush at all, for many years ago he and Sven had participated in its annual 4th of July parade. Sven had the most fun in his adult life because he was dressed like a gorilla; something he had long dreamed of doing. Ula, typically, was the crazy white orangutan. Despite his antics, the nursing home float took First Prize.   Fun with Bananas     Ula wanted to show off the car he had bought recently too, one of those oldie-but-goodie customized 2007 Toyota Avalons; a four-door sun-roofed sedan with extended leg room in the back seating area (and a push-button swing-out bar between the seats). “Uffda,” thought Sven, admiring its tuck and rolled white-grey leather seats and lavish interior. “This is bitchin’.” A Reasonable Facsimile of Ula's Imit