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October 2, 2018

If you are confused, you should be.  The month is October.  October is the tenth month.  Octopi have eight appendages.  These appendages are called tentacles.  Therefore octo sort of means ten.  I guess.

What is the coldest October 2 temperature in Minnesota history?  That is a question for our readers.  The crack staff at the Wannaskan Almanac was unable to find a real answer.  The coldest we could find was 22 degrees back in 1954, but that information is sketchy.  The average high temperature in Wannaska on October 2 is 58 degrees while the average low is 38 degrees.  A deviation from the average of only 16 degrees doesn't seem that likely for a record low.  If you know the answer, post it below.

October does seem to be the first of the cold months in Minnesota.  Many of us can remember trick or treating with our snowsuit under our costume.
Often times you didn't care about getting candy, you just wanted to get in that warm home and sit next to the stove.  We actually used to have a wood burning stove in the kitchen, which was supplemented with heat from an oil burning furnace.  It was a great place to sit and warm up while your Hershey bar or Macintosh caramel defrosted enough to eat.  

On this day in History:
1187--Sultan Saladin captures Jerusalem from the Crusaders.  
1535--Jacques Cartier founds Montreal
1833--The New York anti-slave society was formed
1872--Phileas Fogg sets out for his trip around the world in 80 the novel by Jules Verne
1902--Beatrix Potter's "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" is published

Your word of the day starts with Z...Zelatrix.  Is a zelatrix:
1.  An older nun in charge of disciplining younger nuns
2.  A silly rabbit...zelatrix are for kids
3.  A magician that only uses ropes
4.  A Halloween costume that is insulated
5.  An African cooking utensil 
6.  None of the above (it is a made up word)

If you answered 2...well, pour yourself a bowl of Trix and drown your sorrow in are wrong!  The correct answer is number 1, an older nun in charge of disciplining younger nuns.  I really don't know if I will ever have reason to use that word in a sentence!

Don't forget, we are looking for that ultimate low Minnesota temperature in October.  If you know the answer, please email me at and I will gladly share your information.  It will warm my heart to know how cold it can get!


  1. Cracked Wannaskan Almanac Weather Staff Update:
    10 degrees on October 30, 1925:

  2. The Czech word for cabbage is "zeli" so zelatrix is actually a snack developed by a creative mother who only had some Trix, a head of cabbage, some butter and some marshmallows. The taste may be questionable, but at least the kids will get there vegetables.


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