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Wannaskan Almanac for Thor’s Day, May 31, 2018 By WannaskaWriter

Two weeks ago, on May 17th, I had an eventful day, as y’all know if you read this blog. Searchin’ on the web, I found a huge amount of stuff had happened on that date throughout history, but one thing I failed to mention then, I’ll mention now on May 31st, is that May 17th was my mom’s birthday. She would’ve been 109 years old.

Ma was forty-two when I was born, a fact that I’ve over-used in my on-going tenure as her fourth child, and her only son. I think she’d probably tell me not to dwell on that fact, as lots of women as old as that and older have birthed babies since time eternal, what’s the big deal? Knock it off. Let it go. Geesh, don’t you have other things to write about?

I guess I mention it out of routine, some list I check off as I begin my life story in conversation, should anyone get me started down that road, or gives me time as well as a few good writing pens and/or paper. But maybe I should start talking about Ma differently, what little of her I know because as I menti…

Word-Wednesday May 30, 2018

And here is the Wannaskan Almanac for Word-Wednesday, May 30, 2018, brought to you by Billy Bob's Business Bucket, outdoor and indoor models with a variety of themes and color schemes. "It's tuff to poop without a decent stoop."

May 30 is the 150th day of the year, with 215 days remaining until the end of the year, and 306 days remaining until April Fools Day.

Earth/Moon Almanac for May 30, 2018
Sunrise: 5:26am; Sunset: 9:17pm
Moonrise: 10:15pm Moonset: 6:30am, waning gibbous, 99% illuminated

Temperature Almanac for May 30, 2018
            Average    Record Today
High        70            91        75
Low         43            24        60

May 30 Celebrations
National Creativity Day
Loomis Day
National Hole In My Bucket Day
National Mint Julep Day
National Water a Flower Day
My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It Day

May 30 Riddle
Rosta is making a batch of beer, but each of his beer-making buckets have one too many holes due to Kid 3's science experiment. Chairman Joe and T…

May 29, 2018

I am fishing. At least that is what I hope I am doing today. The Minnesota weather needs to cooperate, the outboard engine needs to function, and the boat needs to keep that sparkling Lake of the Woods water out of my boat...and if all that happens I will be basking in the sun and enjoying my favorite pastime.
But...before I can do that I need to research the tidbits of history and other trivia that make today special.
In 1453 Constantinople fell to the Turks. This is important because many people believe that it led to the search for a different trade route to Asia and eventually caused the European discovery of America. Columbus wasn't looking for America, in fact he never knew that he had found a whole new continent. A little trivia for you...what was Constantinople renamed to by the Turks?
In 1953 Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay are first to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Mount Everest is considered by many to be the toughest mountain in the world to climb. To…

28 May 2018 – Window Looking

Windows. For looking in. For looking out. To make things visible. To hide them behind shades. We build windows and then cover them to keep out . . . what? The title of this poem has two meanings. First and most obvious, it speaks of a person finding a window (intentionally or not) and looking through it. Alternatively, one might interpret the title to mean the window looks at someone or something. So goes the nature of windows. Except for the final three lines, this poem can be taken quite literally, although symbolic meaning also abides if one looks intently enough. Yet, we have a singing tortoise and a smiling cat. (Being a dog lover, I would say the tortoise’s voice is more feasible than a cat smiling.) In any case, try looking both ways that this window offers; that is, if one can maintain balance. Window Looking                                                                                                  Life, what is it but a dream?

Sunday Squibs

There gets to be so much stuff, you need to write down where you put it, with further notes on where your notes are.

Anger can blow up all at once and be over. Or it can seep out for weeks like lava. Which is worse? Which does more damage?
Don't give money to panhandlers. They'll waste it on booze and cigs. Give them gift cards for Olive Garden's bottomless bowl of salad instead.
Like counters for a debt, my years stack up beside the ledger of my life.
When I was a kid, there were always bullets floating around the neighborhood, but no guns. We can thank the NRA for killing that deficit.

Wannaskan Almanac for Saturday May 26th

Happy Saturday!

It's May 26th. At our house that means summer vacation. Yes, all the school-age kiddos have passed another grade and are ready to relax into summer. I learned a long time ago that summer is an all-hands-on-deck, full-time gig. While the kids are having their adventures and enjoying all summer brings, parents are schlepping kids to swimming lessons, sports practices, art camps, church camps, library activities, free ice cream events, state park activities, the beach, the park, to friends' houses, to relatives and, well, you get the point. In Wannaskan country, we slather sunscreen, spray for bugs and keep an ever-watchful eye out for ticks and poison ivy.

Summer highlights for our family include: the trampoline kids got for Christmas, the canoe we got from my parents, Czech family camp (going on this weekend), a few days at the cabin where I spent my early childhood, and who knows, maybe even a road trip out west! We made several treks to Montana, Idaho, and Wa…