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Word-Wednesday for September 18, 2019

And here is the Wannaskan Almanac for Word-Wednesday, September 18, 2019, the 38th Wednesday of the year,  the 261st day of the year, with 104 days remaining.

Nordhem Lunch: Chicken Strip Basket w/White Gravy

Earth/Moon Almanac for September 18, 2019
Sunrise: 7:04am; Sunset: 7:32pm; 3 minutes, 33 seconds less daylight today
Moonrise: 9:44pm; Moonset: 11:27am, waning gibbous

Temperature Almanac for September 18, 2019
                Average           Record           Today
High             65                   89                  75
Low              43                    19                  56

September 18 Celebrations from National Day Calendar Airforce BirthdayNational Cheeseburger DayNational HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day

September 18 Riddle
What work in the Canon of English Literature received the following reviews:*
“…the most infamously obscene book in ancient or modern literature…All the secret sewers of vice are canalized in its flood of unimaginab…

September 17, 2019...Do I Look Pregnant?

September 17.  Ah, what a beautiful day.  It is the 260th day of 2019.  The .260 cartridge was introduced by Remington in 1997.
September 17.  Raise a glass of bubbly to celebrate this wondrous occasion.  There are 105 days left in 2019.  KKCB 105.1 FM is the most northern radio station with the frequency of 105.  It is located in Duluth and it plays country music.  There are no radio stations based out of Wannaska.
September 17.  It doesn't get any better than this!  Today we are in the 38th week of the year.  .38 Special is both a gun and a band.  The band made it to number six on the charts with their song "Second Chance".  The gun has never recorded a song.  It is however a popular police gun.
September 17.  It ain't really summer.  It ain't really fall.  It ain't really nothing at all.  Okay, that was lame.  It is however the 88th day of summer.  That is what my almanac says.  State Route 88 is a California State Highway.  It is also known as the Carson …

16 September 19 Dylan Thomas

I’m predicting that you will like the poetry presented in this post, because Dylan Thomas, unlike yours truly puts up a good ol’ fight against death. See, for example, his first two selected poems below, the first being, “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.” The title of the second selected poem, “And Death Shall Have No Dominion,” speaks for itself in the same tone.
One can almost see him shaking both fists at the grim reaper. In contrast, as anyone who has read my work as all can see, I accept our inevitable ending (and the impermanence of everything), and try to create poetry that tells it just as it is, warts and all, as it’s said. That mostly makes folks uncomfortable, and if there’s one thing humans (in general) like, it’s comfort. But enough about my viewpoint; you can read that on most Monday poetry posts. Back to Mr. Thomas.
Dylan Thomas’ range of expression is remarkable. As noted above, there are the “death” poems. In “Fern Hill,” we are treated to his immense talent in…

Sunday Squibs

I value our friends whose homes have that lived in look. When they come here for a visit there’s no need to go nuts cleaning.

The man who says he has no regrets is blind to his share of the harm all of us have done.

The candidates say they’ll do this and that as president, but they’ll do nothing without majorities in the House and Senate. And it’s still not over till the Supremes sing.

We’re told to downsize now so our kids won’t have to deal with our stuff. We’ll get right on that as soon as they take the stuff they left when they moved out, God love ‘em.

No smoking apartments brought forth this quatrain: dog, walker, cigarette, and smart phone. Even in the rain.

The old feel bad about their hearing aids and such. But Galileo did not regret his telescope, nor Bo Diddley his amp.


Candyland 2.0

Hello and welcome to a sunny Saturday here at the Wannaskan Almanac. Today is September 14th, aka the day after a Friday the 13th and two days before hubby's and my 19th wedding anniversary.

The Toddler started preschool this week, while the older three kids braved a steady downpour at the cross-country meet in Warroad. With the wet weather, comes the first fires in the woodstove and the first pots of mint tea on the kitchen table. The Second Oldest finally caved and started wearing my incredibly warm and beautiful handmade Peruvian poncho from my college days, despite the unfortunate slang term given this particular garment of "drug rug."

The Toddler has half-day preschool which means he's home in the afternoon. Other than the requisite lunchtime, storytime, naptime, there is still plenty of time to play and have adventures. Earlier in the week, we ventured down the neighbors' driveway for a look at the river. Along the way we found 5 or 6 different species of m…

Special Orders Do Upset Us

Welcome to Friday with Chairman Joe.

   You've never heard of President McClellan because George B. McClellan blew his three best chances to get the job. Whichever Union general won the Civil War was pretty much guaranteed to be elected president after Lincoln.
   Poor President Lincoln. When he took office the country was falling apart, with eleven southern states leaving the Union to set up their own Confederacy. Lincoln spent the next four years putting it back together. mostly by military force. Unfortunately, most of the best generals were from the south. Most of them resigned from the U.S. Army when their states seceded. Lincoln's first commanders served him poorly. Meanwhile George McClellan was having some success up in West Virginia, so he was given command of the Army of the Potomac, the North's largest army.
   McClellan reorganized the demoralized army and restored its pride. Then he loaded the army aboard ships and took it down to Virginia with the goal of…

Thursday, September 12, 2019 by WannaskaWriter


I missed going to my 50th high school reunion--and the first 49 as well. I had intended to go in a far off maybe way, understanding that at least one of my old friends I hadn’t seen for 36 years would be there, but as in life the majority of the time, other things popped up at the last minute--or a week or two before-- and I set aside my maybe plans, and did not go after all.

It isn’t like the distance isn’t drivable; I’ve done it several dozen times in my life. I’ve got three vehicles--maybe a fourth on the way--to drive down there to Des Moines in relatively reliable condition.

And, so far, I am in relatively reliable condition to make the drive too. I’ve slowed down considerably from working at the toy factory days, when I’d have to drive fast as hell to get to work on time--and still didn’t always make it even though I set new land speed records from southwest of Wannaska during those many years. Now, I conservatively drive the s…

Word-Wednesday for September 11, 2019

And here is the Wannaskan Almanac for Word-Wednesday, for September 11, 2019, the 37th Wednesday of the year, the 254th day of the year, with 111 days remaining.

Nordhem Lunch: Hot Pork Sandwich

Earth/Moon Almanac for September 11, 2019
Sunrise: 6:55am; Sunset: 7:47pm; 3 minutes, 31 seconds less daylight today
Moonrise: 7:13pm; Moonset: 3:58am, waxing gibbous, 91% illuminated

Temperature Almanac for September 11, 2019
                Average           Record           Today
High             68                   88                  57
Low              46                   22                  44

September 11 Celebrations from National Day Calendar National Make Your Bed DayNational Hot Cross Bun DayPatriot Day and National Day of Service and RemembranceAmerican Business Women's Day

September 11 Riddle
What is the difference between a poison-pen letter and a colored candle?*

September 11 Pun
Deja poo: the feeling that you’ve heard this crap before.

September 11 Notable Historic Events, Lit…