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Wannaskan (When will this summer be over?) Almanac for Saturday, August 4

Good morning and welcome to another Saturday edition of Wanaskan Almanac. Today is Saturday, August 4th and honestly, I'm getting closer and closer to daring to ask aloud:

When will this summer be over?

Whine, whine, whine - I know. It's not like I want to wish away summer, it's just that it's kind of time for me to really get down to business on a couple of looming, totally inflexible, writing deadlines. While it's been a blast having adventures, after two months of play - and now that my home office is back in tip-top shape (I even got a new filing cabinet!) - I'm ready to get back to work. *gasp!*

"Work" - it's a dirty word. But really, as Americans, we like to roll in this like a dog does poo. Such a short word loaded with implications and importance. A word that embraces power and rank; makes you a master or martyr. "I have to work." "I have so much work to do." "I hate work." "I love work!" "I have to go to work." Work, work, work. It's what we know best.

A quick Google search of "Americans and work" produced an article from January 2, 2018, The U.S. is the Most Overworked Nation in the World and then this article from June 29, 2018, Americans are working less. Here's what they're doing instead (Note: This headline was a little misleading. The amount of time worked compared to 2007 has shortened by only 15 minutes a week and has been replaced with sleeping (including naps!), watching TV and computer games. Most frightening, the article states, "Reading is losing popularity with younger Americans." *Gasp* again!)

And with the announcement this week that the U.S. unemployment rate is at 3.9%, well, need I say more?

Still when it's summer vacation, one gets flack for insisting too loudly that it's time to get back to work. (Maybe if I whisper I'll get some assenting nods from other parents counting down the days until school starts.)

This week, however, I think I'm in the clear and can make this declaration in a normal voice because Week #10 of Summer Vacation at our house included the Parent/Coaches meeting for fall sports and the older kids getting their school schedules in the mail. So, there. It's not just me.

My oldest child came back from the Steubenville Conference on Sunday, bringing her summer travels to an end. That is, until Monday night, when she had her first meeting for Robotics and learned there would be a Robotics Rendevous in Greenbush for the weekend. (She's there now with her dad and brother.)

The second oldest is finishing up the LAST run of Seussical the Musical. Tonight and Sunday, the 6th, are your last chances of seeing this delightful show!

The third child, you know, "Dave", came home from his Laketrails adventure on Thursday. (Your favorite kid-author-in-residence tells you all about it in his post below.)

Side Note: Last week, I got a good chuckle at Wannaska Writer for thinking it was Wednesday when it was Thursday, i.e. his day to post on the Almanac. This week, I drove to Roseau on Wednesday to pick up Dave. When the bus was late (nothing unusual) AND other parents hadn't shown up yet (very unusual), I looked at the Laketrails website and saw he was due to return on Thursday. Which just goes to show you shouldn't laugh at another person's misfortune. (That reminds me of my new favorite word: Schadenfreude.) Or in simpler terms, per a line from Riverdale said by Veronica Lodge, “Karma’s a bitch.” And apparently, being Catholic doesn't make me exempt.

Children #4 & #5 continue to provide the constant in our week, cycling us through the daily routine of breakfast, lunch, dinner, with interspersed playtime, storytime and naptime.

Within that structure, the Kindergartner - excuse me, the soon-to-be 1st grader - set up residence in the guest room, lining the queen-sized bed with her buddies like a fortress. I can't get my teenager to sleep downstairs (It's too scary!) but the 6-year old seems to like it just fine. This week she did her "art," very seriously tracing letters from an alphabet puzzle, cutting out the individual letters and hanging them on the wall.

I picked up the paperwork for the toddler's preschool screening scheduled for next week. (Another sign! Further evidence!)

The Warroad Public Library hosted a Stuffed Animal Sleepover last night. The little ones dropped off Blue Jay and Owl for the fun night. We'll pick them up this morning and watch a video of all the adventures they had with Miss Kelly. We hope they weren't too naughty!

I was so excited to find Elberta peaches in the grocery stores in the Wannaska region this week! We've been reading Scranimals and one of our favorites is the Camelberta Peach. The peaches were specially packaged, a group of about 6 or 8, on a black Styrofoam tray wrapped in clear plastic cling wrap in a special bin over by the lunch meats.  I came home with the loot, hollering, "We have Camelberta peaches!" We ate all I had purchased in one night (Wednesday) and I bought a bunch more the next day (yes, that Thursday.) It was only on Friday, in a different grocery store, I discovered our glorious treasure was the typical canning variety available in lugs. Another life lesson: Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. Maybe next week I'll find some Mangorillas or Orangatangerines. A Broccolion would be nice. No thank you to the Bananaconda.

Camelberta Peach

Fun Facts from the Kids


Yes, yes, yes, it’s me again. David. Apparently, I’m a big star. I don’t really believe that, but I don’t really care about that.

Now to my main point: Laketrails. I will write about my experience when I was there. It all started with my siblings going to Laketrails. They loved it and my sister was a camper worker. I wanted to go then; so, I went.

First day at Laketrails, we went over the rules, and so on and so on. Second day, I got up early, had breakfast, played foosball, and then we picked our trips. I picked the trip that went to Westly Lake. It’s a small little lake on an island. The trip was going to be awesome. So, we left the next morning after breakfast (BTW, the fooooood is amazing), we paddled all day in canoes to the top of the Tug Channel on Falcon Island. Nothing interesting. The second day on trail, we reached our destination: Westley Lake. We had a painful portage, but a nice rewarding campsite waited for us. That night we paddled around Westly Lake and stunningly found two boats at the bottom of the lake. The third day, we portaged and paddled to Eagle Rock. Eagle Rock is this very beautiful campsite where you can climb this big cliff, which is nice when you want to see the sunset. We saw the sunset, went to bed. End of day three. The next morning, we paddled to a couple different islands and eventually to Boyscout; which is this sandy campsite close to our destination at Base Camp. We camped there, then the next day we paddled to Base Camp had a nice return and then we did our after-trail jobs, then had dinner.

The next day, we planned our trip skit, then later in the day, there was the cabin clean up challenge, which my cabin won. That night, we played our trip skits by a campfire and I enjoyed my last night at Laketrails. The next morning, my cabin was brutally woken up, then we had breakfast. I packed my bag, then left on a boat. The bus ride back was fun, and then I parted my people for home.
So, that was basically was my week at Laketrails.
Until next time,

On This Day

Historic Highlights (credits)

1984 -  The Republic of Upper Volta is Renamed Burkina Faso
The West African country was first created in 1958 as a self-governing French colony. It gained its independence from the French in 1960. Between then and 1983, several coups dotted its political landscape. In 1983, a military coup installed Captain Thomas Sankara as the country's president. He changed the name of the country to Burkina Faso a year later on the coup's anniversary.

1983 - The Military Stages a Coup in Upper Volta
A military coup in Upper Volta installed Thomas Sankara, a captain in the Upper Volta Army as its president. A year later, he changed the name of Upper Volta to Burkina Faso.

1944 - Anne Frank is captured
One of the most well-known figures of the 20th century and a victim of the Holocaust, 14-year old Frank and her family were captured and arrested by the Germans from their hiding place in Amsterdam.

Note: I've visited the Annex and if you're ever in Amsterdam, it's a must-see!

1914 - Britain declares war on Germany
Seen by many as the decision that began the first World War, Britain declared war on Germany after Germany refused to accept its ultimatum of getting out of Belgium.

1892 - Abby and Andrew Borden are murdered

The bloody murders of the two Fall River, Massachusetts residents in their own home gained media and public attention in the United States because their daughter Lizzie Borden was accused of the crime.

Happy Birthday to You!🎶 

1961 - Barack Obama, American politician, 44th President of the United States, Nobel Prize laureate

1955 - Alberto Gonzales, American politician, 80th United States Attorney General

1912 - Raoul Wallenberg, Swedish diplomat

1901 - Louis Armstrong, American trumpeter, singer

1900 - Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother

Summer's not over yet, folks! So get out there and do whatever it is you love to do - even if it is sleeping, watching TV or playing computer games - and make it a great Saturday!



  1. Sounds like summer continues to perk along at the Hruba/Hruby house. David, loved your stories about your adventures at Lake Trails. Who knows? Maybe you'll end up as a wilderness guide. Kim, "work" is not a dirty word if you love it, as you suggest. See ya' guys!


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