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18 Feb 19 Song 2: Dis-membered continued

If you read the first segment of this second Song posted on 11 February, you may have noticed the cliffhanger ending. In today’s continuation of the second song that “cliffhanger,” is resolved, and we engage the subsequent freefall that occurs after the word, “Then . . .” Read today’s second segment of “Dis-remembered” to see what’s happening. Imagine yourself in this situation.

One second I am breathing, looking down The next tick I am sliding, losing breath dark water rushes - pulls me down into deeper water streaming – choking - no-breath turning - grasping – drowning - nothing holding slow motion blurred shapes under darker gold and then the tree reaches out and grabs me pulling me down                                  deeper into water tangled in branches too deep for him to reach Deep in the water              Deep in the darkness Alive                Not breathing      I can see the stars Tree opens its mouth and whispers my name I relax and listen, floating again as tree tells about the lo…
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Sunday Squibs

Who but the angels would dare to have their souls reflected on their faces? And even the angels call in sick on bad days.

Some say the world's a blessing. Others say a curse. I can help to make it better, I can make it worse.

My new car has so many bells and whistles I need a couple of robots. One to ring, the other to blow.

Don't bury your talents. Use them to fill in your deficits.

Does St. Peter factor in the many hours a soul has spent making itself presentable to the world?

If my meal needs that acid punch, I use vinegar which keeps forever; not like lemons slowly rotting in their bin.


WAKWIR Fill In for February 16

The WAKWIR is back and welcome back to another Fill In! The only reason my mom is having me do this is so we can Mockingjay part 1 tonight (Fri. Feb 15 2019).

Now, have you ever wondered what WAKWIR meant? I know, I know, I know. You might think that that’s a dumb question. But I know what you’re thinking: It means Wannakskan Almanac Kid Writer In Residence. But have you ever noticed this: the “WAK” in WAKWIR stands for “Wannaska/Wannaskan”. And in “WIR”, if you switch the “I” and the “R” you get “WRI” which would stand for “Writer”. So then if you would put the two words together, you get “WAKWRI”, which would mean Wannaska/Wannaskan Writer. Pretty cool eh?

After seeing the first two movies, I love the Hunger Games movies. The movies are close to the book as in what happens. I highly recommend you to watch the movies since they are very good and meaningful. Here is a summary: WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS

Here's a summary I borrowed from this website: http://learnen…

Knights with Day Jobs

Welcome to the Wannaskan Almanac for Friday.
   On this day in 1113 Pope Paschal II issued a papal bull recognizing the Order of Hospitallers. This was in the days when Jerusalem was considered the center of the world. Back in 1070, a group of merchants from the Italian port of Amalfi had founded a hospital in Jerusalem to care for pilgrims who came to Jerusalem and then got sick or ran out of money.     The Arabs had controlled Jerusalem since the seventh century, but allowed Christian pilgrimages to continue off and on. In 1099 the First Crusade captured Jerusalem and massacred all the Moslems and Jews in the city. The city soon repopulated with a diverse group of non-Moslems and non-Jews.       The monks running the hospital realized the Moslems would be on the lookout to retake the city, so they formed a military branch to protect their hospital. The knights who joined this military unit were like members of a religious order. They took the same vows of poverty, chastity, and …

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Not A Word About Valentines Day                                         

Roadtrip Notes of January 2-23, 2019

      I had the pleasure of working with close friends and neighbors, Jerry and Marion Solom in January 2019, in Indiantown, Florida. Since I was retired, I thought I could be of some help working on their steel sailboat, Indian Summer, stored in an Indiantown marina, as they were going there for a few months to do yearly maintenance on it. Neither are in the best physical shape and since I was ‘younger’ and more able, I thought I’d ask them if they’d want me to go too. My wife and friends thought it was a great idea.

     However, I decided to sleep on my decision. No sense in being hasty for I knew what I was getting into as I had helped Jerry ready Indian Summer for its maiden voyage to Norway in 2000, grinding and sanding rust off the deck in Louisiana along with Jerry’s son, Terry, and a friend named Stuart. When…