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Word Wednesday, October 24, 2018

And here is the Wannaskan Almanac for Wannaska World Wednesday, October 24, 2018, brought to you by Johnnies Cafe, 304 Main Ave N, Thief River Falls, MN 56701. Do the dumplings!

October 24 is the 297th day of the year, with 68 days remaining until the end of the year, and 159 days remaining until April Fools Day.

Nordhem Lunch: Swedish Meatballs

Earth/Moon Almanac for October 24, 2018
Sunrise: 7:58am; Sunset: 6:18pm
Moonrise: 6:47pm; Moonset: 7:35am, full moon

Temperature Almanac for October 24, 2018
            Average      Record      Today
High        62               85             52
Low         41                19             40

October 24 Local News Headline
Roseau Commissioners Unsure Why Sewers Smell

October 24 Celebrations from National Day Calendar
National Bologna Day
National Food Day
United Nations Day

October 24 Riddle-Pun
6 was scared of 7 because 7 8 9. Why did 7 eat 9?*

October 24 Notable Historic Events, Literary or Otherwise, from On This Day
  • 1681 Earl of Shaftesbury accused of high treason in London [origin of the idiom, "He got shafted."]
  • 1818 Felix Mendelssohn aged 9 performs his first public concert in Berlin
  • 1901 Anna Taylor becomes first woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel
  • 1911 Orville Wright remained in the air 9 minutes and 45 seconds in a glider at Kill Devil Hills
October 24 Author/Artist Birthdays, from On This Day
  • 1842 Josef Nešvera, Czech composer
  • 1894 Bibhutibhushan Mukhopadhyay, Bengali author [Word Wednesday Birthday Challenge: say his name fast three times]
  • 1929 Yordan Radichkov, Bulgarian writer
Words I Looked Up This Week Writer's Challenge
Make a single sentence (or poem) from the following words:
aftermirth, alienist, a-tittup, celadon, chamois, funicular, pendentive, spandrel, stridulate

October 24 Word Wednesday Feature
Know your homophones

Lessen or Lesson?

Palate or Palette or Pallet?

Warn or Worn?

Pride or Pried?

Callous or Callus?

Finish or Finnish?

Sven developed a callus digging for worms with a worn shovel, while Ole sat callously by on a pallet with his palette, just about to finish a painting of Sven's labors, taking great pride in his artistry. To lessen his work, and to teach Ole a lesson he wouldn't soon forget, Sven pried the lid off an outdated can of Finnish surströmming, snuck up behind Ole, and quietly placed it under his stool.

Be better than yesterday, learn a new word today, and try to stay out of trouble - at least until tomorrow.

*Because you're supposed to eat 3 squared meals a day.


  1. A poem for the Words I Looked Up Challenge.

    Despite the advice of my alienist,
    The podcast "Aftermirth" I can't resist.
    When up from the pendentive there arose a tittupping clatter.
    Or was it stridulation? No matter.
    I flew up my funicular ladder.
    When what did my wondering eyes perceive?
    Eight tiny chamois by the spandrel's eave.
    And their master, a jolly old elf did rightly rave,
    "Thanks for the beer, my boy, in the celadon vase."


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