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Wannaskan Almanac for Sept. 8th

Good morning and welcome to the Saturday edition of the Wannaskan Almanac. Today is Saturday, September 8th.

I'm currently up at Laketrails on (little) Oak Island on Lake of the Woods. This is my 4th annual artists' retreat weekend. I'm present and happy, enjoying gorgeous weather and working on my current work-in-progress. While the blog goes on auto-pilot for the day, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. The Kid Writer-in-Residence is back with his special song he used to (successfully) woo me to allow him to play Minecraft.

If you want to do a bit of writing yourself, you can make a contribution to the latest installment of Wannaska World, a community writing project, where story ideas or contributions left in the comment section or elsewhere on the Wannaskan Almanac will be incorporated into ongoing installments.

Or just enjoy reading Wannaska World.

Leaving the mainland...
Back to the island!

Friday was warm and sunny with just the right amount of wind.

I couldn't resist a little adventure...

See you next week!

Fun Facts from the Kids

Kids are still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that school has actually started, that this is not some kind of camp their parents sent them to, and that they go back on Monday.

The Minecraft Song
To the beat of Believer by Imagine Dragons 

Yes. I'm back, and I kind of have a different kind of post. This scene took place on Labor Day afternoon...

Mommy please let me play Minecraft on the TV;
I'll be nice, I'll hook the phone to the computer 
hook the computer to the 

So I'm asking and I'm asking and I'm asking 
and I'm asking and asking and so let me...

Let me play Minecraft on the huge TV
it'll be easy,
Please; I'll be working on my base, 
It will not take any space,
So let me play Minecraft just for a short time, I can try out the new update
Just like my friends did
Like my friends did
So I’m tired of asking and asking and asking
and asking and asking and asking
and you won’t let me…

Let me play Minecraft on the huge TV
It’ll be easy,
(Ok, you got me convinced.)
Please; I’ll be working on my base,
(I’ll let you play on two conditions.)
It won’t take any space.
Wait really?

On This Day

Historic Highlights (credits)

2015 - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Makes its Debut
The comedian was a correspondent for the Daily Show and the host of the Colbert Report on Comedy Central before he took over David Letterman as the host of The Late Show on CBS. The first show featured Presidential hopeful and former Governor of the state of Florida, Jeb Bush and actor George Clooney.

1991 - The republic of Macedonia Declares its Independence From Yugoslavia
The landlocked Balkan country became independent after a referendum for independence from Yugoslavia was approved by about 96% of the voting public.

1986 - Oprah Winfrey Show Airs For the First Time
The widely popular daytime talk show hosted and produced by Oprah Winfrey ran for 25 years and won over 45 Daytime Emmy Awards. The topic for the first episode of the show was titled “How to Marry the Man or Woman of Your Choice”.

1974 - President Ford Pardons Nixon
Gerald R. Ford, the 38th President of the United States, issued Proclamation 4311, which pardoned his predecessor Richard Nixon for any crimes he may have committed in his role as the U.S. President. In August 1974, Nixon had resigned from the office of the President - the only President to do so in the history of the United States, after impeachment proceedings against him were started in the House of Representatives because of his connection to the Watergate Scandal. The pardon was controversial. Many experts believe that it was a contributing factor to Ford’s inability to get elected as President 2 years later.

1966 - Star Trek Makes its Television Debut
The popular science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry was about the adventures of the crew of starship USS Enterprise. The starship was commanded by Captain James T. Kirk, who was assisted by Science Officer Spock and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Leonard McCoy. The first episode of the series, which is now known as The Original Series (TOS), was called the Man Trap and aired on NBC.

Happy Birthday to You!🎶 

1979 - Pink, American singer-songwriter, producer, actress

1970 - Neko Case, American singer-songwriter, guitarist

1932 - Patsy Cline, American singer-songwriter, pianist

1925 - Peter Sellers, English film actor, comedian, singer

1922 - Lyndon LaRouche, American politician, activist, founded the LaRouche movement

May your first Saturday after Labor Day be filled with peace and relaxation!



  1. Enjoy your retreat!

    A year ago yesterday, I have you a list of words from which to craft a poem. Here is what you wrote:

    A knock on my door.
    “Can you come out to play?”
    My back hunched from too many hours spent reading.
    Messy bun, stinky breath,
    I eye you skeptically.
    “What mischief is this, this play?” I ask.

    You reach for my hand
    gently pulling me over my threshold
    into the sunlight.
    The brightness stings,
    my skin, my eyes, my hair.
    You wink and whisper,
    “Come play.”

    I follow, trip-tripping
    over clumsy, unused feet.
    While you, my nimble sprite, take me deeper into the forest,
    cool and green.
    Your personal kingdom.
    We swing from braided vines,
    climb trees rung like ladders.

    In a grassy meadow we lay,
    hearts raw,
    but each for different reasons.
    My body filled with new kinds of aches, scrapes and scratches.
    But these.
    But these
    mend the brokenness in me.

    1. I love this poem! I wrote it for you and your list of words, and I thank you with a big heart for sharing it with the rest of the world!

  2. To be included among the creative minds such as yours--and well, Woe too--is such an honor. And yes, this includes you other not publicly mentioned weekly writers, but the spotlight here is this poetress (yeah, I make up words so what, McDonnell?) who crafts such wonderful stuff that you can envision as you read along. The ending was fantastic.
    Great stuff!

    1. Thank you! I feel the same way about you and your work!


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